Configure Lightweight AP From CLI

There you are… Gazing at your terminal emulator wondering why you see this

LAB-AP-01#configure terminal
% Invalid input detected at ‘^’ marker.

after you try to configure a lightweight access point from the CLI.

This is a built in safety net to prevent you from doing something stupid from the CLI of a centrally managed AP.

But wait – What if I told you that it is possible to configure from the terminal? If you think you can handle all of the power that comes along with knowing the truth, then take the red pill… Stay in Wonderland, and I will show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.


A simple, but hidden debug command will grant you access to terminal configuration of the CAPWAP AP.

I say it is hidden because you cannot <Tab> or question mark like other commands. You must enter the syntax into the CLI exactly as required to enable the terminal configuration option.

LAB-AP-01#debug capwap console cli

This command is meant only for debugging/troubleshooting
Any configuration change may result in different
behavior from centralized configuration.

If you want to see what debugging is enabled you are able to do so.

LAB-AP-01#show debugging
  CAPWAP console CLI allow/disallow debugging is on

You will now be able to configure from the terminal of the lightweight AP. Heed the warning and do not get yourself in a pickle. I have used this command for very few things in live production, but it is a handy tool to have in the box.

An example of when I needed to use this was when Jeff Gardner and I were in a pinch and needed to quickly change the BVI IP address of a lightweight AP in order to convert it to autonomous via my local PC (more on this in another post).

Whatever your reason is for using this, be sure you are cognizant of the possibility of negative effects when enabling this debug command.

Like most debugging, you will want to remove the command when you are finished.

LAB-AP-01#undebug all

All possible debugging has been turned off

Let me have it!

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