Console Cable Conversion

I am currently working on a mobility lab, but I ran into an issue today. I recently acquired a 4402 to compliment my other lab gear, but I forgot (until today) that the console port on the 4402 is kicking it old school.


I have plenty of the standard Cisco rollover cables (DB9-RJ45), but I was left without a way to console into the 4400 from my USB to serial dongle.

For those of you that are wondering, I will note that I did a Wireshark packet capture while directly connected to the 4402 Gig interface from my PC and I was able to discover the management IP address. I simply filtered by CDP messages and snagged the management address from the packet details.


Unfortunately, I was unable to login – I gave it a good 5 minutes of pen testing with every default combo I could think of… Moving on.

I decided to make my own cable to gain console access to the WLC, and I am throwing the steps up to the interwebs in case you ever get in to a pinch, so pause the cat video and take a look.


  • 2 Cisco Console Cables
  • 1 RJ45 Modular Jack


  • Punch Down Tool
  • Scissors
  • Good Attitude (Optional)

Leave one of the console cables in mint condition and only destroy – AHEM – I mean modify the other one.

1 – Cut the RJ45 end off of the console cable that you have chosen to sacrifice

2 – Strip back ~ 3 inches of the jacket to expose the 8 wires inside


3 – Cut the jacket after you have pulled out the 8 exposed wires


4 – Pin out the RJ45 jack per this diagram and punch down the cables (Cisco cable colors may vary from this example)


5 – Connect the uncut console cable’s RJ45 to the modular jack


For me, step 5 felt a little bit like this when I was able to console in and clear the config. Anyway, stick the Frankencable in your bag and you will always have a null serial cable at the ready.

Remember – It ain’t no fun without layer one!


Let me have it!

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