Author: John Delhotal

Logging Terminal Sessions

docHave you ever wanted to go back in time and review output or input from a terminal session? Have you ever wanted to present undeniable proof about your CLI syntax, with time stamps, to your team or a customer?

If your answers to the above questions is yes, then you should be logging your terminal sessions.

Logging your sessions is a simple, yet a very important CYA policy that you should be practicing.


Cisco WLC – Upgrade That Code!

I have been runningĀ on my private controller for a while. The 7.6 rev has been deferred and is no longer available – Not that you want it.

As most of you, my home network is of the utmost priority :0). I have challenging end users and making a change requires a series of change control approvals. I was finally able to secure an outage window and I am upgrading my WLC code.